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Leighton Thera

I have bought WOW Gold here for years, trust you guys.

Bruce Andrea

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ID: AB11080602 Game: World of Warcraft - US
Server: Proudmoore US - Horde Level: 85
Details: Level 85 Blood Elf Holy Paladin
Average Item level: 361
1/5 t11,8 Level 359 Epics , 7 Level 353 Epics .
Health: 116945 Mana: 92623
Talent: Holy 31/5/5, Protection 0/33/8
Achievement Points:
Professions: Inscription : 525 / 525
Jewelcrafting : 510 / 525
Archaeology : 525 / 525
Cooking : 150 / 525
First Aid : 150 / 525
Riding : 300
Mounts: 10,Fossilized Hatchling, Armored Razzashi Raptor, Black War Kodo and so on
Companions: 24,Clockwork Gnome, Fossilized Hatchling, Fossilized Hatchling and so on
Alt: 73 Orc Protection Warrior

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 $ 150.00

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